Thursday , 20 January 2022
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Cattle at the 42nd annual Stockade Roundup in Lloydminster, AB (Lloyd Connect)

42nd annual Stockade Roundup rides on

Cattle producers from all across the prairies have gathered at theLloyd Exh for the 42nd annual Stockade Roundup.

The event provides cattle farmers with the opportunity to showcase their livestock genetics to other producers and potential buyers in their industry.

In a normal year, producers attend a fall show circuit that spans across five different cities including Lloydminster, Edmonton, Regina, Olds and Brandon.

Every one of these events except Lloydminster’s Stockade Roundup was cancelled this year because of the public health measures set out by provincial governments.

Agriculture Manager Sydney Lake said the ag industry would suffer immensely if the cattle show were to be cancelled.

“It’s super crucial for the ag industry to have these events that allow people to meet, connect and grow their businesses from both the buyer and seller’s standpoint,” said Lake.

“Without this event, our cattle producers lose out on a huge marketing opportunity. Social media and stuff is great, but the ag industry has been built on that foundation of connections and a handshake, and you can’t get that on social media.”

The event also brings revenue into the Lloyd Exh to assist with their publicly noted financial struggles.

Earlier this year, management at the Lloyd Exh announced the organization lost nearly 90 per cent of its revenue because of the cancellation of events and public gatherings.

The loss of these events and the money tied to them has forced Lloyd Exh administrators to dip into their reserves and explore other revenue streams to prevent the facility from being shut down.

“Anytime we have activity in our building is always good for us. Being able to fill our buildings with people and livestock is key.”

Lake said she is grateful for all of the assistance from people who helped ensure the organization would be able to host the event this year.

“Our team here at the Lloyd Exh worked really hard to pull this show off. It’s been a big collaborative effort from our volunteers, sponsors and exhibitors that are here. We’ve gained so much support, and we really respect our cattle producers for supporting us through this challenging time.”

This year’s event plays host to 105 cattle exhibitors with nearly 500 cattle.

The 42nd annual Stockade Roundup kicked off Wednesday morning and will run through Saturday evening.


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