Thursday , 20 January 2022
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Kitscoty RCMP arrest two, seek two more in home invasion case

Kitscoty RCMP are looking for two suspects after a home invasion in the County of Vermilion River.

Mounties responded to an assault complaint in the early morning on October 18th.

The investigation determined two males and two females robbed a home, which involved a displayed firearm and aggravated assault. Two adult victims suffered injuries.

The two female were arrested and charged:

  • Tamara Snell (46) of Lloydminster, SK was charged with break and enter, aggravated assault and assault.
  • Jordan Lysohirka (24) of Lloydminster, SK was charged with robbery with a firearm, break and enter and aggravated assault.

Both accused were released after a judicial hearing. They will return in Lloydminster Provincial Court on November 24th.

RCMP stated they don’t believe it was a random incident.

The two male suspects have not yet been identified and Kitscoty RCMP would like to speak to anyone with knowledge of this incident and the persons involved.

Anyone with information on the home invasion is asked to contact  Kitscoty RCMP at 780-846-2870, your local police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).



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  1. The two male suspects haven’t been identified?? How about asking the two females. If they don’t want to answer, you keep them in custody and charge them with obstruction of justice. Letting them out to roam the streets after breaking into someones home, with a firearm? Why??

    • They aren’t let out to roam. They have been convicted of no charges, they have been charged with the charges. They are innocent till proven guilty. And keeping people in jail to get information usually leads to false statements. I am sure the police have done their job with their questioning. Keeping people locked up for information is not always gonna get the results that are looked for or the information wanted. I understand the severity of the charges but like I said they only charges. Why were the females identified and not the males???

    • They were released on Conditions. They was video footage. They are most Deffinately guilty. The men kept their faces covered throughout the whole thing. They beat up both people in the home, and nearly killed the guy. The 2 girls tried to zip tie the other person’s wrists together, but was able to get away, and go for help, to the neighbours. If that person didnt go for help, they would have killed the guy for sure. When that person got away, it took the focus off him, and they left him alone after that. When the neighbour called the cops and the ambulance, no one came. They were called again like a half hour later. Just to find out they had not even sent anyone, yet. No cops and no ambulance. Even after telling them someone was laying on the floor bleeding to death. In the meantime, the guy had drove himself to the cop shop, with 2 huge gashes on his eyebrow and top of his head, eye swollen shut, all made from a wooden club they were using to hit him with. He had 14 stitches, all together, I believe. They also maced him. The cops sent him to hospital in an ambulance. I guess there was a Huge pool of blood on the floor of the home. They were Stepping over his body, laying on the floor, as they robbed them. Sick.

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