Thursday , 20 January 2022
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Community advocate Mansoor Azeem relocating to Ontario

One of the Border City’s community leaders is moving on to the next chapter of his life.

Mansoor Azeem, Imam of the Baitul Amaan Mosque and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Lloydminster is relocating to Vaughn, Ontario to help Muslim children in the community.

Since his arrival in 2017, Azeem has taken part in fundraisers and events to uplift and support the community, including the Run for Lloydminster.

He said being a part of those events is something that he will miss the most.

“These are the events that I will love the most. Run for Lloydminster started during my time, and it was the first time that we collected funds for the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation. That was for the ophthalmology equipment, the eye surgery equipment that wasn’t in Lloydminster at that time.”

In the two years Azeem oversaw the run, the event raised over $22,000 for the LRHF.

“That was an amazing experience that we have. We have taken the highway cleanup as well, so we clean that every year for the city. This is going to be the stuff that I miss the most thing the volunteer opportunities and the stuff that we used to do.”

Azeem said when he looks back at his time in Lloyd, he is proud of the way Lloydminster has embraced the Muslim community

“My experience here is that people are really loving and respecting despite of all the politics that we have been seeing around the world, including homophobia, racism and everything. There hasn’t been a single occasion that I’ve come across in Lloydminster where people have taunted or people have given any bad aspects to the Muslim community.”

As he prepares to start his journey in the nation’s capital, Azeem will bring his experience from his time in Lloydminster to help Muslim children in Vaughan.

Azeem will be sharing the teachings of Islam in what he described as the largest Muslim youth organization in the country through activities encouraging positive change in society.

In his final message to the community, Azeem said having love and respect for one another will help propel the community forward.

“All I want to say is, I think that the motto that our community follows is ‘love for all, hatred for none.’ I think that’s the way moving forward. If we respect humanity, then I don’t think that any ethnicity, any face group, or any color of the skin or complexion, can be unbearable for anyone.”

Azeem’s successor as Imam of the Baitul Amaan Mosque hasn’t been announced at the time of publishing.

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