Thursday , 20 January 2022
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Satish Patel election poster

Satish Patel hopes to re-establish community pillars in city council

Council candidate Satish Patel wants to bring community economic, environmental and social sustainability into decision making in city council.

Patel has lived in Lloydminster since 2007, running three businesses over 13 years, including Southridge Mall Liquor Store, Border City Cigar Company and Marble Slab Creamery.

If elected, Patel said he will bring a bigger focus to the local economy, healthcare development, crime prevention and the energy sector.

“We need to make a strategic plan for the next four years provide clear objectives for council and administration,” he said.

His experience with fiscal responsibility as a business owner makes him a strong candidate for council, he believes, with more people moving to Lloydminster comes the need to draw more investment.

Patel has concerns with the current state of healthcare saying wait times and resources are issues that need to be addressed.

“We need to improve our healthcare system. I hear from people when they are in emergency, they have to wait 5-6 hours. We need more doctors here in the city to reduce wait times and treat their patients as soon as possible.”

As a business owner, Patel thinks he is more equipped to handle concerns expressed by other business owners in the community because of his communication and understanding of their experiences.

“If I get the opportunity to have a role in city council, I will communicate the people’s opinions on where they think the city should go.¬†People are looking for change, and they want experienced people so they can share their experiences with them.”

Lloydminster residents will cast their vote to determine the next six members of city council on November 9.

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