Thursday , 20 January 2022
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2020 City Council Candidate Shawn Davidson (Facebook)

Council candidate Shawn Davidson eyeing business opportunities

Shawn Davidson is running for a seat on city council because he believes he can bring business opportunities to the Border City.

Davidson owns Orion Machining & Design located just off of 66 Street and 63 Avenue.

He believes his experience as a business owner gives him a necessary perspective to help make business decisions in City Hall.

“I wasn’t unhappy with the way things are going, but I think I can improve things or at least put more of a business touch into it.”

He claimed he is motivated to run for city council because he wants to take action and use this business insight towards his municipal decision making.

“Instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining about it, I thought why not just jump in and see if I can actively improve the situation.

“Someone should vote for me if they want to see opportunity and some fresh ideas. I’m someone who is really invested in town and let’s not kid ourselves, I need Lloydminster to be successful just as much as the next person.”

He said his track record in the community, plus the  growth and loyalty to the people he serves in his business help make him a qualified candidate to sit at the table.

“I look after the people that rely on me. If it’s a seat on council, then it’s the whole city, and I would take that to heart. If I can help to bring in work from other areas by being a good steward and a good spokesman for Lloyd, by sitting in council and reaching these different markets, I think it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Davidson wants to diversify the city’s revenue stream because he believes the city is dependent on taxes as one of their only sources on income.

“I’m a different perspective. I feel like there are economic benefits that we can take advantage of with Lloyd. As far as I know, the city is not invested in local companies, and doesn’t have an active revenue stream outside of taxes.

“That is something I would like to push forward and see so that we can build the business that is Lloydminster.”

Border City voters elect the six officials who will form council around Gerald Aalbers on November 9.

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