Thursday , 20 January 2022
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Whiting campaigning for return to City Council

After running for Mayor in 2016, Jason Whiting, has put his name on the ballot in hopes of sitting on City Council for the second time.

Whiting was on council two terms ago and realized his desire for being apart of the city is still strong.

“I really look forward to getting back on council again and sharing my opinions, the peoples opinions, on where the city should go.”

Whiting aims to focus on the safety of residents by having council continue the good relationship with the RCMP and the fire department.

“There’s no question taxes have been going up the last little while and we need to keep a finger on that and ensure that it doesn’t get out of control and we can manage spending and continue looking after our infrastructure while focusing on the mandatory needs, like the RCMP and the fire department, at the same time.”

As for working with the effects of the pandemic, Whiting notes it is ‘somewhat a crystal ball approach’ saying there is no set plan.

“We have to do our best as a community and as a municipality to keep the residents safe and bring in any precautions that we can.”

Economic development is one of his focuses adding that the topic needs further encouragement while the City continues to be fiscally responsible.

“Certainly more than ever, economic development is going to be a bigger play in the next four years.”

He noted that he loves having conversations with locals to get ideas of what residents need to ensure proper growth and management of the city.

The candidate has many connections around the Border City through his photography business, being apart of the Rotary Club, and attending many events.

Whiting mentioned he enjoys the community, likes being connected, and wants to run so that he can be engaged with residents to make their voices heard.

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