Thursday , 20 January 2022
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Torresan looks to secure his second term as city councillor. (Re-Elect Jonathan Torresan to Lloydminster City Council Facebook page)

Fiscal responsibility, local investment focuses for Torresan

Jonathan Torresan is taking another shot at a seat inside City Hall.

Torresan is one of four incumbents looking to rejoin Mayor Gerald Aalbers at council.

In order to get through the pandemic, he believes council must continue to be financially mindful. This includes promoting the City as much as possible to stimulate investment in local businesses.

“We need to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of the residents and businesses in the community,” said Torresan.

He notes the City can continue to limit deb while growing the community by injecting funds into recreational and cultural facilities.

With wheels in motion on the Waste Water Treatment Plant, Torresan looks to see it through among other infrastructure projects.

“So, capital asset management planning, which is more or less a process to effectively and efficiently manage your infrastructure needs and do it in a systematic way. That way you can keep your spending reasonable and actually addressing some of the bigger picture issues with our infrastructure deficit. ”

With the treatment plant’s funding secured, limited debt and built reserves, he believes these steps have helped guide the City through the pandemic.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do what we did this year. We wouldn’t be able to decrease the mill rate this year or give what is the most lenient property tax deferral in the country to try to help combat financial difficulties of COVID-19 for businesses and residents.”

Torresan commends council’s work from the very beginning of the term four years ago.

This includes the completion of governance reviews, forensic audit, and organizational reviews.

“For me, a lot of people like to use buzzwords like ‘honesty’, ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ in government, but I think that how we handled all of those items. I think we set a pretty high bar for what that actually looks like in practice. Those led to better financial policies and accountability in our local government.”

He’s received a lot of positive feedback from residents on his time in council.  This has resulted in him feeling the pressure to run again for the past year.

“I think that we’ve shown our ability to build relationships within the community, with other municipalities, and other levels of government. I think that we can build on that experience and knowledge. I think a lot of people have seen that I have the ability to do that.”

With examples of building reports and facility shutdowns, Torresan understands that not everyone will be on board with what’s been done.

“I think that 95% of those things I could easily defend, at least to explain how we got here and why the steps that were taken were necessary here, it hasn’t been easy.”

Advanced polling for the November 9th election begins this Saturday.

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