Thursday , 20 January 2022
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Aftab Arif campaign poster

Aftab Arif council platform spotlighting healthcare & small businesses

City Council Candidate Aftab Arif hopes to correct issues in local physical and mental healthcare and economic stimulation.

Arif has lived in the Border City for a little over a year, working as a property manager assisting nearly 200 local families.

His passion for community development has seen him help communities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake.

Arif stated he chose to run for city council because he wants to be in a position where he can contribute more of his effort into public service.

A main platform topic of his focuses on the current state of physical and mental healthcare at the local level.

“Mental health is affecting a lot of Canadians across the nation, and Lloydminster is no exception. I think there is a huge gap in resources provided by the government to the residents here. These resources are not readily available and when they are available, there is a cost involved. It becomes a barrier for a lot of people to access those resources.”

He stressed the importance of making these resources available to the younger population entering the workforce.

Arif believes residents face significant disadvantages if they’re not provided with adequate healthcare resources.

He looks to mend this with a municipally funded Lakeland College program focusing on mental health.

“There is a lot of pain surrounding mental health issues that people need help with. Millenials having the responsibility of the entire world where we’re going through pandemics, climate change, and a economic downturn.”

He would like to see more healthcare services such implemented at the Lloydminster Hospital. He notes people being airlifted to major hubs from the hospital due to lack of services.

If elected, Arif plans on working with the other members of city council to advocate for these issues typically addressed by the provincial government.

Arif believes the road to economic recovery in the Border City runs through the success of local businesses.

He wants to cut taxes for smaller businesses, and provide incentives focus encourage businesses to stay or set up shop in the city.

“Small businesses are the backbone of any economy, Lloydminster is no exception.”

Voters will decide who fills the six city council seats on November 9.

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