Friday , 14 May 2021
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Glenn Fagnan. Courtesy: Glenn Fagnan's Facebook.

Fagnan aims to accomplish more in City Hall

Resident and business owner Glenn Fagnan has decided to run for a second term on City Council.

After discussions with family, locals, friends, and other business owners Glenn decided his time with the City was not done yet.

“I’ve been on City Council for the last four years and there are a number of things that I still want to accomplish.”

Over Fagnan’s 30 plus years in Lloydminster, he has started, owned, and operated four different businesses.

His previous positions include President of the Chamber of Commerce, President of the Rotary Club of Lloydminster, Chairman of the Lloyd Economic Development Association, and the Vice Chair for the Lloyd Economic Development Corporation.

As well, Fagnan has been the chair of Lloydminster Kidsport, President of the Lloyd Handivan Society, President of the Olive Tree and co-chaired the 2008 Saskatchewan Summer Games.

He has also been a Rotarian for over 30 years, an Olive Tree board member, and sat on the Political Action committee of the Chamber of Commerce .

“I’ve done lots over the years and City Council is just a natural progression from all of that,” said Fagnan.

Coming out of COVID, Fagnan notes that WHO mentions there will be business casualties which the City has to keep in mind.

One of his main points is that Lloydminster needs to remain fiscally responsible while trying to save money.

He looks to put the budget towards the wants and needs of residents while keeping infrastructure up to date.

Fagnan has been apart of multiple City Council projects such as revamping “near end of life” facilities like the firehall, museum, community service building, and the library.

“I truly do care about the community and I think that really is reflected with everything i’ve been apart of,” said Fagnan.

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