Tuesday , 3 August 2021
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City Council Candidate Charles Balenga (Lloyd Connect)

Council Candidate Balenga focusing on inclusivity and fiscal responsibility

Charles Balenga hopes to bring his experience as an immigrant and ideals surrounding fiscal responsibly to City Hall.

“Lloydminster is growing as a multicultural city, and it’s good to have first-hand representation. I’m not just bringing my experience as a first-generation immigrant, I bring my understanding of both sides. My wife is born and raised here in Lloydminster, and so it’s really important to bring that multicultural aspect and understanding.”

If elected, Balenga plans to bring his perspective on the importance of culture in Lloydminster into future projects.

This includes the relocation of the Lloydminster Culture Science Centre.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of what is building the City. I know I have enough experience and expertise to be able to contribute.”

As a supporter of the oil and gas industry, Balenga believes a future boom in the market is coming.

He thinks this will lead to Lloydminster’s economic recovery.

“This has been a very prosperous city for many years. Oil and gas, family businesses and just being the Border City gives us a unique position. It’s time we get back to that and rebuild the economy.”

He said he wants to focus on improving the housing market to entice oilfield workers into staying in the City after projects are finished.

“I strongly believe there will be another boom. We need to start putting things in place for that boom to come and getting people places to stay. We have enough apartments and housing for families, so we need to prepare ourselves and not be shocked when the boom comes and workers don’t have a place to stay.”

Anyone who would like to participate in Balenga’s campaign can reach out to him on Facebook.

Voters will  take to the polls and cast their ballot for city council members on November 9.

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