Saturday , 16 January 2021
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City Council Candidate Bill King (Lloyd Connect)

Council Candidate Bill King honing in on local infrastructure

Third generation local Bill King has put his name on the ballot for one of the six city council seats.

King had previously run for council in 2016, and has sat on the board with the K-40 Club, Richard Larson Barr Colony Foundation and the Lloydminster Curling Club.

While King believes city council has done a good job, he believes he will bring common sense and a business perspective to the table if elected.

King stated some of his concerns stem from the current government’s spending.

He is in favour of the current projects that are in the works, but wants the money on the table to be spent more efficiently in the coming years.

“I think we’re faced with a dilemma of money, just like every household is. We need to keep our taxes down, but that keeps our revenue down, which limits what we can do. So we have to do more with less and try to find that balance.”

King said he wants to focus on what he calls ‘needs’ like the police and infrastructure, while limiting and prioritizing spending on other areas.

He recognized the current climate surrounding social programs, and believes they fall into the category of some of the ‘needs’ of the city.

“Social services are going to need more bolstering in the coming year than we’ve ever seen, not only because of the economic climate, but also the pandemic going on. A lot of people need help.”

One of King’s focuses on his platform revolves around community infrastructure.

He believes the current infrastructure requires better maintenance, which he thinks will result in less spending in the long-term.

“I think we’re doing a good job, but we need to be adamant of it. We can’t back off because of money. Some things we really want, we might have to forego for a few years because we are in survival mode. We’ve got to do more with less, but we can’t shelve important things.”

King will participate in the Municipal Candidate Forum on Monday, October 19.

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