Thursday , 22 October 2020
Lloydminster welcome signs (Lloyd Connect)

City to improve ‘Welcome to Lloydminster’ signs

The City of Lloydminster is working to improve the new welcome signs located just outside of the city limits.

Since their arrival, the signs have been a controversial topic with people expressing their opinions both in favour and against the new addition.

In an interview with Lloyd Connect, Mayor Gerald Aalbers claimed administration is in contact with the sign developers.

This is to address some of the concerns expressed by residents, including the height and location.

“One of the challenges that we have to work with is the ditches in which the signs are located. The north, south and west side are not governed by the City, they’re governed by the Department of Transportation.”

In last year’s budget, the City approved spending $250,000 to obtain two new welcome signs.

A quote from the manufacturer presented the City with an opportunity to double up on their purchase and receive four total signs while staying within the $250,000 budget.

Another item brought up in conversation is the perception of the AB/SK section on the display.

Some residents claim the two provinces are in the wrong order and should be reversed to be more accurate.

Aalbers believes that reversing the positions of the letters would only create more confusion, adding that portion of the sign has its imperfections.

“If we changed it back, half of the city would be confused. It’s imperfect, and we don’t plan on changing it. I know it will be a coffee table top discussion with half of the table agreeing and the other half disagreeing.”

Finally, Aalbers explained the decision to use solar panels to light up the display came down to choosing the more cost-effective option.

“There’s still some work being done with the solar panels. To try and put electrical wiring out to those signs would be very expensive when you can do that with a solar panel and the battery assembly underneath.”

Despite receiving mixed reactions, Aalbers believes the new installation will help bring in new investors and improve the overall aesthetic to visitors in the area.

“When we invite a potential investor, they look at your city from the outside. You already get judged from that first appearance, and I think that first appearance is very good with those new signs. Are they perfect? No, but we’ll try to get them as close to perfect as we can.”

Aalbers claimed City Council is working with the Department of Transportation to ensure the signs are in a practical location.

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