Thursday , 29 October 2020
Sandy Barrett in the Lloyd Connect studio. (Lloyd Connect)

Barrett to bring a voice to council for local farmers

Sandy Barrett is aiming to bring her farming roots to City Hall to focus on the agriculture as well as the oil and gas sector.

Barrett was raised on a farm northeast of the City in the Hillmond area and has lived in Lloydminster since 2003.

The downtown redevelopment is a focus for Barrett in order to see more family-owned businesses profit to assist the local economy.

“I know there are a lot of people who don’t shop downtown, so I’d like to see more mom and pop shops.”

She believes revitalizing the downtown core will help curb people from shopping at larger hubs such as Edmonton or Saskatoon.

Witnessing the ups and downs in the oil field and farming throughout the years, Barrett looks forward to working with both provinces to give a voice to those industries.

“I’d like to keep it like maintain at a good level where the government profits and the farmer profit as well,” said Barett.

“So they don’t have to sell their property or anything along those lines. The oil field, I might like to try and get that going up again. To maintain that for the economy.”

Health care is close to Barrett’s heart after being a health care aide at the Prairie North Health Region for 20 years.

With conversations surrounding job cutting from the government level, she believes this will impact the seniors severely. She believes upgrades to healthcare infrastructures will help.

“I’d like to see, if possible, to do something with the hospital. Either build a new hospital or do major upgrades to the current hospital as is.”

She hopes this will also help with hospital wait times. Barrett would like to explore possible grants or bursaries to look into these possible upgrades which include more nursing homes.

“Again, you don’t have to go to Edmonton or Saskatoon to be away from your family, try and bring those individuals, doctors and specialized people to come into Lloyd, so people don’t have to travel.”

If elected, she looks to remain approachable to residents and hopes to bring her listening skills to relay any concerns back to the council chambers.

For anyone looking to speak to Barrett, she asks to reach out to her on Facebook or via email at

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