Wednesday , 21 October 2020
Stever Gessner joins the ballot for the upcoming Sask. election.(

Buffalo Party candidate Gessner throws name in Lloydminster riding race

A new candidate from the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan has made his way onto the ballot in the Lloydminster riding.

Steve Gessner, who was born into a farm family in Humboldt, has lived in the province his whole life. He helped his parents with their farm for four years before getting into the construction industry, eventually beginning a 30-year truck driving career.

Since selling his transportation business, Gessner has remained semi-retired. He currently works with local farmers during the season than helping out with construction during the Summer with the R.M. of Wilton.

Gessner and his wife Kathy have lived in Maidstone in 1987. He claims he’s never been a political person.

He adds his decision to run came after noticing “a lot of people complaining but not stepping up to the plate”.

“The way things are going, I am scared of the future for my grandsons,” said Gessner.

“Residents need to take control of Saskatchewan. That’s the up and down of it. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. These are our resources. These are our properties. These are our businesses. We need to control them.”

After looking at different political parties, Gessner started to align himself with the party formerly known as Wexit Saskatchewan.

“I think we can work at this from inside. Like the province of Saskatchewan needs to take the autonomy idea. We have all of these resources, we have all of our people, we have the people who can deal with these resources in place. And, we are controlled by decisions that are made outside of our borders. And that is, to me, absolutely wrong.”

The parties platform is focusing on more autonomy from the federal government, tax reform aiming for no PST/GST and replacing it with the Consumption Tax at 11%, the Canada pension plan and the use of the RCMP.

“It’s up to us to run these programs. The police, Ontario and Quebec both have their provincial police forces. They’re as competent as the RCMP are in Saskatchewan. They’re as visible as the RCMP are in Saskatchewan and probably a cheaper, more efficient way to operate than utilizing the RCMP contract.”

He mentioned this is due to the RCMP being equipped in a similar fashion to big cities.

“We don’t have them here in Saskatchewan, we don’t need a full set of riot gear in an RCMP cruiser. These things are costly. I’m quite sure we can do this for a far more reasonable rate.”

Gessner will be blazing the campaign trail looking to catch up to other candidates who have been meeting with constituents over the past few months.

“I’m going to start out by going up to Pierceland. I want to meet with whoever I can meet with. I’ll work my way down to the small towns each day. They will see my pickup with my name on it. If you want to if you have any questions or wish to speak to me about something, that’s where you can do it.”

Gessner will be in Pierceland today, Frenchman Butte tomorrow, Hillmond on Friday, and Marshall on Saturday and Sunday. His team will then take the last week of the election to go door-knocking in Lloydminster.

He will also be available to answer any question via email.

Voters in the Lloydminster riding will have Gessner, Colleen Henning with the New Democratic Party and Colleen Young with the Saskatchewan Party on their ballots for the election on October 26th.





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