Tuesday , 2 March 2021
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Gerald Aalbers heads into his second term as mayor (City of Lloydminster)

Aalbers to serve second mayoral term, official candidates list released

Mayor Gerald Aalbers is going into his second term after being the lone candidate at the nomination deadline.

The municipal election race is in full gear as Returning Officer, Doug Rodwell, releases the official list of candidates.

On Thursday, after the 24-hour reconsideration period for candidates closed, Rodwell provided the names of the 18 councillor candidates and 8 public school division candidates.

Rodwell supplied notice of abandonment of poll, duly electing Gerald Aalbers as Mayor of Lloydminster, who is heading into his second term. This was under Section 77 of the 2015 Local Government Election Act.

Aalbers said he is prepared, with the future council, to go down an uncharted path that started in March of this year.

“There’s no map. We’re going to set out a new map. I think that’s making sure that we engage with the community so they understand what we’re doing. We’re working with the provincial health authorities that have the governance of health and how we move forward. We’ll continue to carry the message of what our community needs and what we believe they need to the provincial governments and the federal government to try to work with them to ensure that we continue to build economic development.”

Aalbers said it’s refreshing that he can continue with the work he started four years ago.

“There’ are a lot of projects that we have to tackle. We’ll talk about the Wastewater Treatment Plant, it’s on the top of the list, but we’re moving forward. There are other projects that need to continue to move forward.”

He noted projects such as a new Lloydminster Cultural and Science Centre facility, the Library’s redevelopment, and a possible new sports multiplex for the City.

Aalbers mentioned realizing the importance of a long term vision over his last term as mayor and looks to continue that with a new council.

He thanked residents for their support in helping provide him with the opportunity to learn and lead the city for another four years.

Rodwell also duly elected the board of trustees for Lloydminster Catholic School Division:

  • Winson Avara
  • Kate Carnell
  • Cal Fendelet
  • Laurie Makichuk
  • Michelle Rusteika
  • Paula Scott
  • Andrea Zerr

Voters will head to the polls to decide who will fill the six city council seats on November 9th.

City Council (six seats available)

Aaron Buckingham

Aftab Arif

Bill King

Charles Balenga

Cheryl Ross

Chris Carnell

Darrell Dunn

Dean Segberg

Glenn Fagnan

Jason Whiting

Jonathan Torresan

Lorelee Marin

Michael Diachuk

Rhiannon Greening

Sandy Barrett

Satish Patel

Shawn Davidson

Sheldon Weinrauch

LPSD (seven seats available)

Asad Gavahi Kashani

Cathy Cornet

Chrissy Gee

David Thompson

Georgina Veltikold

Karoline Kennedy

Melanie Mutter

Viren Tailor



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