Thursday , 22 October 2020

Lloyd-monster to follow Sask. health guidelines for Halloween

Trick-or-treaters planning on visiting haunted houses in search of goodies this year will need to be aware of the public health guidelines to avoid being possessed.

Lloyd-monster has decided to adhere to the Saskatchewan government’s public health measures listed below:

  • Maintain a two-metre distance between spirits that do not haunt the same house;
  • Use your set of claws (tongs) when handing out the cursed treats to the mini-demons;
  • If you see other trick-or-treaters at a home, wait until they’ve received their treats before you approach the door;
  • Sanitize and disinfect any high-contact areas that have been touched by the zombies of the neighbourhood;
  • Those who decide to give away the hexed candies should practice enhanced hygiene.

The council of mysterious creatures announced they will not add any additional restrictions to the unearthly festivities.


About Elliott Knopp

Elliott is a graduate from NAIT's Television Broadcast program. He has broadcast experience in football, basketball and hockey. He has spent nearly his entire life living in Edmonton, but has recently moved to Lloydminster for his career. He has an undying passion for CFL/NFL football, hot wings and Flaming Hot Cheetos. He loves playing fantasy football but has never won a championship.

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