Thursday , 22 October 2020
Sheldon Weinrauch is the newest city council candidate to announce his nomination. (Submitted)

Weinrauch stresses local business support ahead of municipal election

Sheldon Weinrauch is looking to bring his near three decades of experience at a local business into City Hall.

“My heart will be with keeping our our economy going and businesses going. I look around and I see businesses that are failing. That’s sad to me, and I really want to focus on that.”

Weinrauch, who has been in Lloydminster for 40 years,  said his decision to run for city council comes from wanting to contribute to the community.

“I’ve made a living in this town based on a local business that’s been here for over 70 years. That’s always been kind of near and dear to my heart about shopping locally and supporting our local businesses.”

He is the General Manager for Nelson Lumber’s retail store but has worked in a variety or roles for the company. He was also a volunteer firefighter.

If elected, he believes his experiences will help council navigate the COVID-19  challenges that lie ahead.

“I understand fiscal responsibility. I have to live in it every day here at Nelson lumber. There’s some tough decisions that have to be made. There’s a lot of needs versus wants and I’m familiar with that.”

Weinrauch hopes to see the city flourish by focusing on promoting what Lloydminster has to offer.

He mentioned the downtown core, cultural scene, parks, theaters, churches, sporting groups, and both Public and Catholic School Divisions.

“All of those things are important for our community,” said Weinrauch.

“All of these amenities that we have, are, in my opinion, infrastructure that will bring families here.”

Weinrauch is encouraging voters, especially the younger generation, to vote on November 9th.

“‘I’ve preached that to my kids, who are now all adults, and every time, every single time there was an election be at a federal or provincial or municipal level. They’ve gotten out and voted since they were 18. ”

Weinrauch said residents can reach out to him through social media ahead of the election.

He is running against city council candidates incumbent Aaron BuckinghamDarrell DunnRhiannon GreeningCheryl Ross, Lorelee Marin and Dean Segberg.

The City will have many ways for residents to vote in the mayor and six city councillors in the next municipal election on November 9th.

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