Saturday , 24 October 2020
Billboard at 44 Street and 52 Avenue displaying PETA's vegan thanksgiving campaign (Lloyd Connect)

PETA expands ‘ThanksVegan’ campaign into Lloydminster

People for the Ethical Treament of Animals (PETA) has brought their national ad campaign pushing for a vegan Thanksgiving into the Border City.

A billboard on 44 Street and 52 Avenue displays the message “I’m ME, Not MEAT” with a turkey on the right-hand side of the graphic.

Amber Canavan, PETA Senior Campaigner, said PETA wanted to spread their message about enjoying a “cruelty-free” holiday with their “ThanksVegan” campaign.

“Our vegan ad campaign encourages residents in Alberta and across Canada, to expand kindness to all animals by leaving them off their plates. Turkeys are sensitive and intelligent individuals, they feel pain. With all of the amazing vegan products and recipes available today, it’s easy to enjoy a non-violent vegan holiday feast that no one had to die for.”

She said the organization chose the location in Lloydminster because they wanted their message near major grocery chains like Walmart and Safeway to persuade consumers to explore alternative options.

“If they’re thinking about the impacts of their purchasing choices, we’re hoping people are going to be picking up a vegan tofurkey or a field roast to enjoy.”

According to, 2.5 million turkeys were purchased by Canadians in 2019 during Thanksgiving— nearly 39 per cent of all turkeys sold throughout the year.

On their website, PETA describes turkey’s living conditions in graphic detail in an effort to dissuade viewers from eating them as part of their campaign.

“The young birds are hung by their feet from metal shackles and dragged through an electrified bath, and they’re often still conscious when their throats are slit and they’re dumped into scalding-hot defeathering tanks.”

PETA is offering recipes on their website for people who would like to participate in their vegan holiday campaign.

PETA is an organization claiming to oppose “speciesism,” claiming it is a human-supremacist worldview.

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  1. I’ve been celebrating thanksvegan for 27 now–best decision ever. I usually make vegan mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean bake, and pumpkin pie, plus a vegan roast or fancy gourmet dish. Yum! I’m so thankful that I stopped eating animals!

  2. We’ll be celebrating a vegan Thanksgiving too! I’m thankful for people who don’t hurt animals. 🙂

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