Wednesday , 21 October 2020
Dean Segberg

Segberg hopes to bring long term vision to city council

A newly announced city council candidate hopes to bring his’ big dream’ mentality to City Hall.

Over the last four years, Dean Segberg believes city council has brought a sense of stability, accountability and transparency to the city.

He looks to bring long term planning to the equation, if elected.

“Maybe I’m a dreamer, maybe I look too far down the line. But I think that also needs to be on the table,” said Segberg.

“We’re on the cusp of a very important 10 years, where we have a lot of capital projects that need to be accomplished. We need to look at those and segregate them into wants and needs. What we might think is a want may actually be a need and vice versa.”

As an executive chair of the Lloydminster Minor Hockey Association, Segberg believes an example of a need is replacing the Civic Centre and Archie Miller Arena as well as adding a new facility.

His plan is to partner with organizations in the area to build a multi-purpose stadium in Lloydminster to attract new faces through all types of events and sports.

“That’s a down the line thing, once we get our stuff figured out here and that’s a huge dream. That’s something I think would go over huge in this city because that’s the one thing we’re missing.”

Segberg has lived in Lloydminster with his wife since 2008 but he said he’s always called the city home.

Segberg originally moved to Lloydminster in 1993 to play hockey, met his wife, then moved to Fort Mcmurray in 1999 due to his work in the oil and gas industry.

He has worked in that sector for 25 years and is currently the Sales Manager at MTM Energy.

Segberg believes being a border city and having multiple industries is attractive, but Lloydminster needs something else to draw people in.

“As a salesman, I want to be out there selling Lloydminster selling all the good to local people, the local culture, the local area in general, how do we draw people into this town?”

With Lloydminster being a partially hockey centric city, Segberg thinks that should be a focal point.

“We are already over capacity on the amount of hockey that we have going on. Not only hockey, you talk about speedskating, rec hockey, the figure skating club, everybody is needing to be on the ice and plus just community members in general need to get out and skate.”

Segberg would also like to be a part of the long term planning for the Lloydminster Public Library, and the Lloydminster Cultural & Sciences Centre, and making sure roads are being repaired properly.

He adds strategic planning should go into every aspect of the city including expansion.

Segberg looks to weigh if expanding services is a necessity when there are existing services and areas to tend to.

“Our services are stretched out as it is. We need to make sure that we’re really watching how far we go. Not to be a detriment to the downtown core and not to be a detriment to newer neighbourhoods.”

Segberg’s platform also includes continuing strengthing provincial and federal relationships and creating more jobs for those with disabilities.

The latter hits home for Segberg as his oldest son has autism and works for his employer during the summer.

He wants to reach out to local businesses and agencies to help grow those employment opportunities.

“The amount of pride and fulfilment that you see at the end of the day, and my son, in particular, it lasts him the weekend, and he’s ready to go back to work the next day. We all have those days where we’re just crumbling, we don’t want to go to work, it’s Monday and I never saw that once out of my son.”

He previously started the Lloydminster Autism Awareness organization in 2010 before it folded.

Segberg will be expanding on his platform points through his Facebook pageover the coming weeks.

He looks to speak with residents through planned one on one meetings, Zoom chat or through Facebook.

The City will have many ways for residents to vote in the mayor and six city councillors in the next municipal election on November 9th.

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