Sunday , 25 October 2020
Seniors chatting. Courtesy: Flickr.

Sask. celebrates seniors’ week

Seniors are being honoured this week all throughout Saskatchewan for their contributions to society and the communities they have built.

The reason for having the week of recognition is to celebrate seniors and the importance they bring to the province.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers states Saskatchewan Seniors’ Week is very important to the community of Lloydminster.

“Seniors have contributed to this community in so many ways. They’re the fabric of our community. They’re the backbone of our community that brought us to this point.”

Pioneer Lodge & House Administrator Joyce Bell mentioned the Border City would not be where it is without the seniors.

“Any of the opportunities that we have today is because of the way they lived their lives and what they have given to us.”

However, seniors stand for more than being founders and pillars of the communities.

“With the year we have gone through with the challenges that COVID-19 has brought in particular, to see the resilience and the strength our seniors have, it’s important to honour them and their attributes and what they have given us. They truly live their lives in a way we should strive for,” said Bell.

Activity Coordinator Karen Stenger also stated, “They’re the people that built this country. They’re the ones that worked hard in the days when we were just getting our healthcare system set up. They’re a wealth of knowledge and experience… they’re a treasure.”

The Lodge is not able to have any celebratory events for the week, but they are not letting it pass by without recognition.

“We’ve been concentrating on getting our activities up and running again. We’ve been enjoying the trishaw bike and we’re doing little things like having Thanksgiving pumpkins where the seniors write what they’re thankful for,” mentioned Stenger.

Saskatchewan Seniors’ Week runs from September 27 – October 3.

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