Thursday , 22 October 2020
Bea Fisher Centre. (Lloyd Connect)

Bea Fisher celebrates employees with virtual campaign

The Bea Fisher Centre is celebrating its workers by virtually thanking them for their efforts in the workplace.

The focus of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) campaign is to promote employment opportunities for people with disability and to recognize employers as well.

Training and Development Coordinator, Sherri-Lynn Piesinger, stated the Bea Fisher usually has an annual luncheon where the workers invite their employers to the Centre.

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the annual celebration will be going virtual throughout the entire month.

“What we are in the process of doing is getting some pictures of some of our individuals on the job site with their supervisors. We’re just going to post them on our Bea Fisher Centre Facebook page as kind of an awareness and a shoutout to the employers.”

Approximately 20 employees are still working right now, however, that is only a fraction of what Bea Fisher usually has for workers .

“We have probably 30 per cent of our individuals still not back at work simply just because of the employers they had,” said Piesinger.

A few of the workers were employed at places such as the school divisions which have restrictions of the amount of people that are in the building.

The Bea Fisher Centre did not close during the pandemic lockdown but many employees were not able to go to their jobs.

“During COVID we only had a handful of individuals that continued to work. Just mainly because of all of the businesses around town that had to close their doors temporarily,” stated Piesinger.

The Centre bought a couple of brand new computers through donations that are now being used to help the individuals build their futures.

“We’ve been doing some online job marketing and getting their resumes updated. We’re just trying to get back out there and start actively marketing and hoping we get some success,” mentioned Piesinger.

The recognition comes with the campaign which takes place throughout October.

Due to COVID circumstances, the Centre has also decided to cancel their 2021 New Years fundraiser.

The annual fundraiser is one of their largest bringing in donations to help revamp their buildings.

Bea Fisher will continue to look into other fundraising initiatives to further their organization’s lifespan.

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