Tuesday , 26 October 2021
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Marin puts her name in the hat for city council. (Lloyd Connect)

Marin announces city council nomination

Lorlee Marin and her family have taken pride in investing in the community for over 20 years, now Marin wants to do so through city council.

“I think it’s a natural thing for me, at this stage of my life, when my kids are growing, and everyone’s doing well to say, now is my time to invest in this way into the community. And, that’s why I decided to run for city council,” said Marin.

On Thursday outside her home, Marin’s friends and family gathered for her announcement to run for city council. Marin spoke on not having a specific issue but wants to focus on economic development and the recovery from the pandemic.

“It means really promoting the shop local investment into our community, making sure that businesses know that if they set up shop here, that this is a great community for their employees to live in, and that business will be supported.”

She adds her learning curve will be steep but she looks to connect with residents to understand the issues.

Marin has a lengthy resume that boasts 10 years in the financial industry managing budgets and creating strategic plans. She spent time as a mortgage lender and served as treasurer and president with the Regina chapter of the Mortgage Loans Association of Saskatchewan.

“I think I can make good decisions and provide good long term strategic planning for the city. So, I spent a lot of time working on strategic plans and strategies that will help organizations to achieve their goals. ”

Currently, Marin works within mental health and addictions in Lloydminster. Her work includes volunteering as the lead in prevention and promotion for Project Sunrise.

If elected, Marin said she wants to walk out of her first term with Lloydminster neighbourhoods feeling more connected.

“We know it reduces crime and that it promotes wellness. In times of disaster like the pandemic, we are better connected and can respond more quickly. One of my dreams would be as a community we’re working together and creating that better connection.”

She has also worked with the City as the past-chair of the Lloydminster Area Drug Strategy and other youth-centred initiatives such as co-founding the Youth Council.

“We worked together when cannabis was being legalized and understanding what the city’s responsibilities could be, how do we reduce harms associated with that. tobacco, vaping, and alcohol, all of those things where we really want to create a harm reduction model in our community,” said Marin.

Her platform also includes improving broadband and internet services in Lloydminster, promoting the City, and strengthening regional and provincial partnerships.

Marin is looking to have as many conversations with residents as possible leading up to the election on November 9th. Anyone looking to speak with Marin can reach out to her through her social media to talk or set up a socially-distanced coffee meet or zoom meeting.


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  1. Thank you Tre for coming to the announcement – it was such a pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed our conversation. I trust we will have many more great conversations in the future. Thank you for writing a great article on my announcement to run for city council. Enjoy your day! Hello to Janelle!

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