Tuesday , 27 October 2020

Elliott is LIVE with Chantelle McAlpine from the Kinette Club of Lloydminster to discuss their virtual wing eating competition fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lloydminster and the Lloydminster Community Youth CentreLloyd Connect is LIVE in your community thanks to our friends over at Renown Down Hole Solutions inc. and Techno Computers & Stationery(We apologize for the audio technical difficulties. Keep the volume at a low level)

Posted by Lloyd Connect on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wing-eating contest raising money for Lloydminster youth programs

The Kinette Club of Lloydminster is drumming up excitement with their newest fundraiser for kids in the Border City.

The Kinette Club is hosting a virtual chicken wing eating competition with all of the proceeds from the event going to the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre (LCYC) and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lloydminster (BBBS).

Kinette Club President Chantelle McAlpine said the Kinettes chose the LCYC and BBBS because they wanted to focus on helping out the youth in the community.

LCYC Youth Program Manager Micheline Huard mentioned some kids in the program expressed excitement for the creative fundraiser, and noted the LCYC will cover the kids’ entry fees.

“We thought it was an ingenious idea and a creative and fun way to support the community, the restaurants in the community and the youth in the community,” said Huard.

How to sign up and get your chicken

To enter the event, participants can fill out the event’s Google Doc form and pay their $25 entry fee via e-transfer, PayPal or cash.

Once they have signed up, people will receive an email that includes their entry card.

Participants will pick up their wings from The Proper, and they are welcome to eat their wings wherever they like.

Participating in the competition

Each competitor will need their order of bourbon bbq wings and a white napkin before they start eating.

Once they are ready to eat, competitors will need to go on Facebook and get ready to begin a LIVE video.

Once the video has started streaming, the wing-eater will have 60 seconds to eat as many wings as possible.

Bones from the wings will be placed on the napkin that should be seen throughout the length of the video.

The Kinette Club will review each video with a stop watch from when the person starts eating until they reach the 60 second mark.

What you could win-g

The top two (2) wing-eating champions will receive gift cards to The Proper and a prize package from Telemiracle 45.

In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker will take place at The Proper on October 10.

The Kinette Club is a non-profit that holds fundraising events throughout the year to offer support to organizations and causes in their community.

The deadline to enter the contest is October 9.

About Elliott Knopp

Elliott is a graduate from NAIT's Television Broadcast program. He has broadcast experience in football, basketball and hockey. He has spent nearly his entire life living in Edmonton, but has recently moved to Lloydminster for his career. He has an undying passion for CFL/NFL football, hot wings and Flaming Hot Cheetos. He loves playing fantasy football but has never won a championship.

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