Tuesday , 27 October 2020
Mount Joy Snow Resort Ski Area (Mount Joy Snow Resort/ Facebook)

Mount Joy Snow Resort upgrading snow distribution system

Skiiers and snowboarders could see a more enjoyable experience this season at Mount Joy Snow Resort.

Mount Joy is working to offer local snow sports enthusiasts a better and more complete experience with the announcement of a $36,000 upgrade to the resort’s snow distribution system.

President Ray Tatro, said the new installation will allow the resort and its volunteers to cover the south side of the lift and set up the resort easier.

“This is going to make it tremendously easier for us to get our snowmaking crew out earlier and have better quality snow on a lot more of the hill. Our Southside of our lift hasn’t had good snowmaking in forever, and this year is really going to advance snowmaking quality and make more snow easier for our volunteers.”

The upgrade to Mount Joy has been a work in progress over the last three years and consists of four new hydrants and a reworked water system installed by BPC Services.

Cody Bolt, BPC HDD Manager, said he takes satisfaction in helping out the non-profit improve their resort, adding he makes trips to the slopes during the winter.

“It’s nice to be able to help out and contribute a little bit. I myself have used this hill and kind of cursed it for not having enough snow in the past. So it’s really nice to be able to contribute to something that I can use and bring my family up here.”

Tatro mentioned the resort is working with the Canada West Ski Areas Association on new public health guidelines for the upcoming season.

He included there will be changes to lift and rental tickets, operation within the chalet and how volunteers will approach helping people with the lifts.

Tatro noted while the resort is making a number of notable adjustments, the resort is focused on improving service for its visitors.

“It’ll be higher quality and it will take away from some of the stress of the new regulations and the way we’ll be able to operate.¬†There will be some wrinkles, but we’ll make it safe for the customers as well as our volunteer group.”

The water-distribution expansion project is expected to wrap up this Friday.

Underground work at Mount Joy Snow Resort (Lloyd Connect)

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