Saturday , 24 October 2020
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Martin Browne bylaw passes final reading

City Council passed the third and final reading to accept the Martin Browne Municipal Redevelopment Plan on Monday.

The plan involves the addition of revamped sidewalks, new trails, and recreational attractions.

“We have a basic plan. It always takes money, as we know. I think that will determine what steps go forward,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.

Resident Ben Harrison supported the redevelopment plan opposed to Susan Dow, who spoke about her reasoning against the bylaw during a public hearing before the reading.

“I feel that green space is so very important. In an area such as ours that’s been established for decades, once that green space is sold and built on it will never be recovered,” said Dow.

She is excited about the recreational improvements to the area, however she is opposed to adding any extra housing that would remove the green space entirely.

“I do understand the residents concerns in the area. No one wants to see a massively changed neighbourhood. Certainly the plan is to meet what the local community already has,” said Aalbers.

Harrison stated his approval for the bylaw by mentioning the area will benefit from adding more residential development and land development.

Mayor Aalbers stated there will be little to no chance of having any large buildings on the Martin Browne property.

“It’s low density residential housing in that area. I wouldn’t see it changing much.”

The amenities that are already on the land such as the swimming pool, a park, and the Archie Miller Arena will not be disrupted.

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