Thursday , 22 October 2020
Waskahat family. Courtesy: Morningstar Roy.

Early Christmas brought joy to the Waskahat family

Christmas music and laughs filled Frog Lake Community Hall on Saturday to celebrate how delicate and precious life is.

The Waskahat family got together to create a special Christmas for 7-year-old Kelsey Waskahat after she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) brain cancer.

Santa, or better known as Kelsey’s uncle, showed up bearing enough gifts for every child at the event to receive around six to seven presents each.

Enough food for approximately 200 people was made and brought to the hall by aunties who travelled long distances to meet Kelsey.

Family members danced, ate cake, sang a song written for Kelsey, and took in every last moment according to Morningstar Roy, Kelsey’s auntie.

The Lloyd Mall also donated four food trays to the event along with gifts for Kelsey and her sister Mia.

Roy stated the event turned out better than the family could have hoped.

“It was really amazing. There was so many people, there was so many laughs. There were little moments where it got quite because of all the emotional feelings because it was like… wow.”

Money donated to the family through a gofundme account was not only used for the Early Christmas, but will be used for Kelsey’s future wishes as well.

The Waskahats set a donation goal of $10,000 which was surpassed in one week.

Jarrett and Amber, Kelsey’s parents, have been using the funds for any of Kelsey’s wishes and to have family members join in.

Their next adventure will be to Jasper sometime in the following week as per Kelsey’s request.

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