Thursday , 29 October 2020
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School’s back: a guideline

As school starts back up, both Lloydminster school divisions want to remind parents, caregivers, and kids to be aware and proactive during the school year.

The Lloydminster Public School Division (LPSD) Director of Education, Todd Robinson, mentioned five key things to work on during the first couple weeks of school in a Facebook video.

The purpose of the video is to try to keep the LPSD a safe place for children to learn and grow while working through the current circumstances.

Things to focus on for parents

  • Checking to see if kids feel okay in the morning/making sure they aren’t sent to school ill.
  • Drive your kids to school if you are able to and check bus times in the morning to make sure the bus is on time.
  • Prepare kids for the day and only provide vital supplies and remind children not to share food.
  • Stick to drop off and pick up times.
  • Plan for the unseen future such as your child becoming sick, have an emergency contact to pick them up from school incase.

An informative “Prevent With a Purpose” video was posted by Lloydminster Catholic School Division (LCSD) on August 26.

The video is a friendly reminder for kids to wait their turn, keep to their own space, wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, watch what they touch, and to ask let them know teachers are always there for them.

A video showing how to properly wash hands will also be posted to LPSD’s social media platforms.

Back to school regulations and guidelines were released at the beginning of August to outline what school year will look like.

The school divisions will supply masks, gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if required.

Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom, at the entrances and exits, and other regularly used spaces.

School resumes on Tuesday, September 8th.

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