Sunday , 20 June 2021
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Last year's Toyrun raised around $70,000 for local charities. (Bordertown H.O.G. Chapter Facebook)

Toy Run rides on for local youth

Bordertown Harley Owners Group is still hoping to raise funds for local kids charities despite the challenges surrounding the pandemic.

Guy Dudding, Chairperson for the Toy Run, said the event is still taking place, although, it won’t be the same as previous years.

“Everybody will ride to Denham Chrysler, we will have our registration team, they will be masked up for COVID rules, take registration and it’s $20 per person. Then, the riders will take off and do their own right at their own speed, to their own location, make their own stops, and that’ll conclude the Toy Run.”

The annual breakfast, banquet and cabaret have been cancelled due to potential difficulties following public gathering guidelines

Dudding said all major charities that benefit from the event have been contacted to let them funds raised won’t be the same as years prior.

“They know that that we’re not coming to them this year with cheques for $20,000. They’ve been terrific. I mean anything that we can bring to them they obviously will welcome with open arms and we’re taking all of the registration money and splitting it equally.”

Dudding said anyone who wants donate is more than welcomed to stop by on the day of the event.

“If we got the general public that wants to pop on by and wants to drop some cash or donation for the charities, we’ll gladly accept it.”

All proceeds will be split amongst the event’s major charities which include KidSport Lloydminster, the Community Youth Centre and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Last year, the Bordertown H.O.G Chapter raised almost $70,000 and reached their $500,000 goal for the nine-year history of the Toy Run.

Usually, the H.O.G chapter would also collect toys for kids in the community, but due to safety concerns that won’t be happening this year either.

“We don’t want to be handling them. We don’t want to be cleaning them and quite honestly, I don’t even think that we could offload them to any charities.”

After Edge Harley Davidson announced closing its doors in October, Dudding said the future of the H.O.G Chapter is up in the air.

He adds no matter what happens the Toy Run organizers will look to continue each year.

“I can’t imagine the people that have been involved in that in the Toy Run will let that die.”

As for the Bordertown H.O.G Chapter, Dudding said they’re waiting to see what happens to the future of the group.

“We need a retailer to be our sponsoring retailer. So Edge closes its doors on the 31st of October. In theory, our chapter is dead. Unless another retailer in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Fort McMurray, Red Deer or someone was to pick us up. So I think we’re early on making a call on that. I know there are some things that are going on in the background, but we’ll just sit and wait.”

The Toy Run will take place on September 12th with registration happening between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Denham Chrysler.

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