Thursday , 22 October 2020
Left, Gay Pride flag (Flickr). Right, Lloydminster Community Youth Centre logo (Facebook).

Youth Centre, LGBTQ+ Society to be featured in documentary series

Lloydminster is being featured in a documentary series that focuses on communities in areas that aren’t receiving a lot of mainstream media coverage.

Two one-hour-long episodes covering the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre (LCYC) and the Lloydminster Pride Week are expected to air on Telus Optik TV sometime in October. (Channel 707)

Doc highlights the Youth Centre’s impact

One of the episodes will shine a spotlight on the LCYC, to portray some of the activities the program engages in within the community.

Some of the events covered by the documentary crew include the graffiti removal program, the hot meal program and the dinner time program.

Sara Corry, Producer at Bamboo Shoots, said the documentary will showcase the significance of the program’s activities and its impacts on the community.

“The main goal is to present these community-based stories that have either an educational or charity aspect that is doing good in the community that has a ripple effect,” said Corry.

“Especially with the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre where the ripple effects of these positive actions that they are taking will be felt for generations to come. The kids go there for a reason. They’re looking for friendship, they’re looking for support. They get to do activities like zip-lining and going hiking, and they provide a really good environment for these kids.”

Micheline Huard, Program Manager at the LCYC, claimed the documentary could provide the program with some recognition in the community and display all of the hard work they put into giving back.

“We’re really excited to show people what we’re doing and get more youth involved,” said Huard.

“We hope to see some clarity on our identity as the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre. There are more elements to our programs that we think most people in Lloydminster aren’t aware of, so it’s a good opportunity for us to showcase some of these other programs, activities and services that we offer.”

The LCYC is planning to have a watch party when the documentary premieres in the fall.

Pride Week looks to jump over hurdles

A second documentary will focus on the LGBTQ+ Society of Lloydminster and how they held their Pride Week during a pandemic and a lack of funding.

Tiffani Wiesner, Founder of the LGBTQ+ Society of Lloydminster, said she hopes the production will bring more support for the organization.

“I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to see it. I think this is going to put us on the map and hopefully, we’ll just get more support and more people helping out and participating in our events.”

She mentioned that the organization is not receiving any external funding, with most of the events being funded from their personal incomes and fundraising events.

“We do everything on our own. It’s either with money from our pockets or money raised from our events. Last year was the first year that we got two big sponsors, but this year with COVID-19, none of that happened. So, we did the best we could with our limited resources and we’re just hoping that things will change in the future.”

Both of the local documentaries will be broadcast exclusively on Telus Optik TV when they are released later this year.

Organizations featured in the productions will receive their own copy of the documentary.

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