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Menzies LIVE with Tyler Lorenz, executive director, Residents in Recovery joins us in studio. We're talking about government funding potential, the return to in-person meetings, and their new website.

Posted by Lloyd Connect on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Residents in Recovery welcomes back in-person programming

Residents in Recovery to close summer 2020 with resumed services and a new website.

Those on the journey of recovery will have a couple of options as Residents in Recovery resumes limited in-person services.

As of August 19th, the organization has begun offering the service again with a combination of virtual and face-to-face programming due to

Over the past few months, the non-profit had virtual programming for the community with limited in-person services only for sober living clients.

Executive Director Tyler Lorenz believes being back in the facility makes a huge difference for those recovering as they can be present and interactive.

“It’s really difficult to remain interactive when you’re on Zoom or any other kind of platform, especially when there’s a group of people that are in-person at the same time, they tend to take over the conversation.”

Lorenz adds they may split in-person and virtual meetings into two separate groups in the future.

“We’re working with the Alberta government right now waiting for a funding agreement to do that as well for people throughout Alberta.

2020 began with a financial struggle.

Earlier this year, Residents in Recovery received financial help from the community as the downtown location was at risk of closing down.

After the funds were raised by the non-profit and residents to last them a few more months, they now look upon their charity golf tournament, which is running until September 19th, and government funding.

Last September, the organization submit a proposal to the Saskatchewan government for both pre and post-treatment sober living programs.

Lorenz said the year-long wait is understandable due to the organization’s services being new to government officials.

“It doesn’t really fit into any of the traditional funding streams for any government, so this is kind of something new. The proposal that they originally put out didn’t quite match what we felt and have experienced that we really needed support and ways of doing things.”

Lorenz said a meeting was scheduled for March that was postponed due to Covid-19.

” We’ve had a couple of meetings since. We’ve submitted a final proposal to the Sask. government. In that last meeting, they were talking about possibly having a contract available in September, if everything looks good. We’re quite hopeful that everything will come together here, quite shortly, which is a huge relief for us.”

Along with welcoming back in-person programming, Residents in Recovery’s website has been revamped.

Lorenz said the original format, which launched along with the downtown facility, had a lot of information that was being utilized.

“We had a summer student here with Rupert’s Land through planned Institute. So you know him and I kind of worked on things and gave our website a fresh new look.”

The website features applications for all programming, current events, and staff testimonials.

The organization is in the works of securing permits from the Town of Bonnyville for its new sober living home.

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