Friday , 14 May 2021
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Nativity scene at the 2019 Festival of Lights (Vera Gallant/ Lloydminster Kiwanis Club)

Lloyd Kiwanis Club recognized for Festival of Lights

For a club with fewer than 28 members, a local group that does it all for the kids has been recognized nationally for last year’s Christmas time event. 

The Western Canada district has acknowledged the Lloydminster Kiwanis Club for their efforts in the 2019 Festival of Lights.

Vera Gallant, Lt. Gov. of the Lloydminster Kiwanis Club, said they are proud of the response.

“We’re totally thrilled about being recognized. We’re a smaller club, so for us to take on a new project and be recognized for it so quickly means a lot. I’m really proud of the whole club and how we worked together to turn Kiwanis Park into the Festival of Lights.”

Gallant claimed the community’s reaction to the festival still resonates with her well past the Christmas season.

“The community responded way better than we expected. We knew it would mean a lot to some of our Lloyd residents, but the response we received was overwhelming. A few of our people were telling us that we made their Christmas and that really touched my heart to know that people were really moved by our display.”

The club was recognized at a virtual convention but has not received the hardware itself.

Gallant stated that the organization plans to honour the club’s accomplishment at an October convention if they are given the green light to hold their gathering.

If that doesn’t happen, Gallant said the reward will have to wait until next year’s convention in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Looking forward to the upcoming holiday season, Gallant stated that next year’s festival is going to be an even bigger spectacle than it’s award-winning performance.

“As soon as the Christmas season ended, I went shopping, and we got a lot more lights and ornaments. So Christmas 2020 is going to be bigger and better. I think the community will be very pleased with what we have planned for this year.”

If anyone was interested in helping decorate Kiwanis Park for this year’s Festival of Lights, they can join the festivities by contacting Vera Gallant or the Lloydminster Kiwanis Club on their Facebook page.

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