Thursday , 22 October 2020
Construction sign (Flickr)

City to begin repairs intersection at 44 Street & 62 Avenue

The City of Lloydminster is going to start working on temporary repairs on the intersection at 44 Street and 62 Avenue.

Repairs to the intersection are being accelerated because of the rate at which the road in the area has been deteriorating.

Crews are expected to work on the intersection over the weekend, with the project wrapping up on Monday evening.

Drivers in the area are being advised to travel with caution if they are in the area, as there will be minor changes to traffic.

Drivers heading east or westbound will notice temporary lane shutdowns in both directions.

North and southbound traffic will not be allowed in the area and will be redirected through posts detours.

Long-term repairs to the intersection are expected to begin in 2021 where The City plans to fix the underground water lines, sanitary sewers and storm sewers.

The total cost of repairs at the intersection comes to nearly $2.7 million, with $1.7 million to come from the Government of Saskatchewan’s MEEP program.

The rest of the money will be included in The City’s 2021 municipal budget.

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