Thursday , 29 October 2020
Entrance to the Bioclean Aquatic Centre (Elliott Knopp/Lloyd Connect)

Bioclean Aquatic Centre set reopening date

Families will be able to dive back into the pool on Tuesday.

The Bioclean Aquatic Centre is starting their first reopening phase on August 4 with COVID-19 restrictions in place.

“When the government announced that we were able to open, we got our health inspector in and they inspected everything. We had to send water samples away. Then we hired back staff and underwent training. August fourth was the best date to make sure we had everything facility ready,” said Manager Mary Price.

There is a maximum of 30 people allowed in the facility at a time which includes swimmers and staff.

Bioclean is not taking drop-ins upon reopening, so people wanting to head to the pool are required to book a time slot.

Centre attendees can book through the City of Lloydminster website or through an app called Schedulicity without paying in advance.

Booking through Schedulicity will give residents the option to pick a time for family swim, lane swim, or in the gym.

Regular COVID guidelines are in place such as social distancing and hand sanitization before entering the pool area.

“In between each booking, there is a 45 minute time frame for disinfection. So everything will be disinfected before the next booking comes in,” said Price.

Bioclean staff asks that anyone going in the pool removes their mask before swimming and to come ready to swim with their suit already on.

There will be baskets provided for people to put their belongings in since the lockers will not be utilized during this phase of their reopening.

User groups, swimming lessons, and programs will begin once more restrictions are lifted.

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