Thursday , 22 October 2020
44th Street and 62nd Avenue intersection. (Elliott Knopp/ Lloyd Connect)

Sask. approves Highway 16 and 62 Ave intersection funding

The City has been given the go-ahead to begin construction on 44th Street (Highway 16) as Saskatchewan approved funding to fix the deteriorating 62nd Avenue intersection.

On Tuesday, the Government of Saskatchewan approved $1.69 million for the intersection.

The fund was received through the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP).

Shovels are expected to hit the ground in early 2021.

Responding to some residents wondering why the project hasn’t started this year, Mayor Aalbers said the City wasn’t ready for the project.

“Until you have it in the budget, you don’t get all that pre-work done. Thank goodness we’ve been budgeting for those kinds of things, but this one came about out of the ashes, around the asphalt this spring, so it was a little challenging.”

Aalbers mentioned melting snow and semi-trucks being a contributing factor in the damage.

“When [the ashphalt] starts to crumble, we just couldn’t stop it. It’s just one of the challenges we have. It just turned out once that moisture and frost got into the asphalt, it started to deteriorate a lot faster than we’ve seen,” mentioned Aalbers.

“We sometimes see [the deterioration] take a year or two, or three to progress to a point that we can patch it.”

Aalbers said the City has already begun the planning stages and estimates the project will take a couple of months to complete.

“We do have to do some engineering and I want to remind people that there will be underground work that has to be done before we pour a block of concrete on that intersection. It’s gonna take some massive excavation and we want to do it right the first time.”

He adds traffic will be a huge challenge especially for those who travel through that intersection every day.

“The intersection will be open to a point, especially for east-west traffic, it may be one lane…we’re going to have to work around going north-south, I’m sure that will be the biggest challenge because if we’re working on the east-west direction you won’t be able to travel north while they’re pouring concrete.”

At a Governance and Priorities Committee on July 13th, City council mentioned the funding was secure, and the City was waiting for approval on the specific project.

The City will be covering the remaining estimated $970,00 to finish the project.

The Village of Paradise Hill was also a part of an additional 244 projects approved by the province on Wednesday.

The municipality will receive over $70,000 for an erosion control project, a Carlton Trail sign and water treatment plant filters.

The announcement brought the total projects approved to 741 with a $127 million investment so far through the province to help boost economic recovery.

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