Tuesday , 20 October 2020
The ghost bike that was created by the Lloydminster Sport Riders. (Photo by Shawn Coles)

Motorcycle awareness to be displayed on College Drive

Drivers may notice a display on College Drive aiming to bring attention to traffic safety.

The Lloydminster Sport Riders (LSR) will be placing a ghost bike on top of a berm near the location of a motorcycle fatality that happened in June.

The rider was a new member to the LSR who passed away at the young age of 21.

Philip Cummine, member of the LSR, said he had watched many cities put out ghost bikes as a result of bikers and motorcyclists being killed.

The movement inspired Cummine to bring the idea to Lloydminster.

“It’s to help raise awareness for people and riders of motorbikes to get them to realize we all have to share the roads because things can happen,” said member of the LSR, Philip Cummine.

It will also be used as a memorial piece to bring attention to a spot in town where there had been a fallen rider.

The bike itself was donated by one of their fellow riders, Chris Stoodley.

A group of 10 LSR members got together to strip the bike down to the bare frame.

It was then pieced together to make it look function-able without a motor or electronics.

From there, they painted it white to stand out for motorists to see.

One member, Shawn Coles, also built a box to put on the bottom of the bike to display a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are provided by Flowers on the Fly in Lloydminster.

“It looks out of place when it’s put in place so that brings more attention to it.”

Philip Cummine, member of LSR.
A close up photo of the bouquet box built for the bottom of the ghost bike. (Photo by Shawn Coles)

Approximately 40 hours of work was put into the bike since they began the design process.

To avoid any negative issues or concerns, the Riders chose to create a cafe racer – sport bike cross that is an older style so there is no exact connection to any previous accidents.

The ghost bike will only be on display for 3-4 weeks.

“If you put it out any longer, it just becomes a piece of scenery,” said Cummine.

However, there is a plan to bring the bike back out to a different Lloydminster location for Motorcycle Awareness Month next May.

“I hope we don’t have to put it up again this year. The less we see of this bike is for the best just because of the memorial side of it,” mentioned Cummine.

The bike display also ties into the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan for August which focuses on new drivers and motorcycles.

The LSR will be doing a parade style drive to bring the bike its’ new location today around 7 p.m.

Riders will be allowed to park behind the berm for a short while in honour of the fallen biker.

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