Wednesday , 21 October 2020
Lloydfest 2019 performers (Lloydfest)

Lloydfest announces new location and safety guidelines

Lloydfest announced a new location for this years event.

The festival site has moved to the West 70th Event Centre located at 4102 70 Avenue.

Organizer Susan Cambridge mentioned there are some notable changes and safety guidelines that people will need to be aware of before they arrive.

This year’s festival is a drive-through event that will have one designated entrance and exit.

As drivers arrive on site, they will receive a boarding pass and a ticket to a door prize draw that will happen at a later date.

Face masks are mandatory before entering the event.

People are encouraged to bring their own, but one will be supplied for them if they do not have one.

Once they are on the festival grounds, one person from each car will be permitted to exit the vehicle to make any purchases.

Portable hand-washing stations and hand sanitizers will be available for people to use before they approach any vendors.

There will be markers on the ground that pedestrians will need to follow to accommodate social distancing.

Anyone attending the event will be allowed to visit for up to a maximum of one hour.

People will not be allowed to gather on the sidewalks surrounding the festival.

Anyone in the area is advised to wear a mask because of the large number of people passing through the area.

This year’s Lloydfest performances will be available through a live stream online.

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