Tuesday , 27 October 2020
Dog laying in the sun. Courtesy: Flickr.

Keep your pets from getting hot, dog

Local vet gives pet owners tips during the summer

With a heat warning in place, pet owners are reminded how the weather can affect their fur babies.

Temperatures are expected to reach as high as 29 degrees Celsius this week.

Dr. Kristen Halter from Weir Veterinary Services mentioned ways to care for pets while keeping them safe.

“Try and keep them in the shade, indoors if possible. Make sure they have access to water or use cool clothes to cool them down. Definitely try to keep them out of the direct heat or have shelter for them.”

In recent weeks, the veterinary clinic has noticed an increase of animals needing help after being in the heat for too long.

These furry friends are usually brought in after being left outside at home in the backyard or being out for too long of walks.

“We definitely see them come in dehydrated, in respiratory distress… they’re just super stressed out. The odd one will vomit,” said Dr. Halter.

From her experience, Dr. Halter stated temperatures around 24 to 25 degrees Celsius are the hottest an animal should endure.

Courtesy: www.vets-now.com

Issues for animals can arise if owners do not pack water or let their animal have enough water breaks.

Dr. Halter also recommends not walking pets on concrete or pavement incase it burns their feet.

“Keep the walk very short and pack some water. Maybe wait until the evening or first thing in the morning when it’s not quite so hot.”

Weir Veterinary is still doing curb side animal delivery to combat the spread of COVID-19.

They get information about the animal over the phone and go out to the vehicle to bring the animal in for veterinary care.

So far, the Weir clinic has not seen any animals locked in vehicles this summer but they continue to caution residents on animal care.

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