Saturday , 31 October 2020

Local youth clean up downtown graffiti

Members of the Youth Centre and the City of Lloydminster’s Family and Community Support Services gathered on Friday to clean up some graffiti in the downtown area.

The graffiti removal program has been running in the city for the last five years, covering up many areas including the water treatment plant.

Volunteers come together and paint over the affected areas with artwork, murals and displays.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers said the program can have long-lasting effects on those who volunteer and help out with the project.

“It sends a strong message,” said Aalbers.

“I remember last year’s project very well. I drove by it at the old water treatment plant on the north end of the city, and it’s standing out tremendously. A lot of hard work went into it. A couple days worth of painting from getting a new base coat on it to the actual art work. It gives the kids something to see and they see it every time they drive by and they can say ‘I did that,’ and it’s to the betterment of the community and I think that’s very important.”

This year, the program worked on covering up one of the buildings in the alley located at Bojangles Hair Centre on 48 Street.

A backdrop including mountains and nature replaced the street art that had previously covered the buildings walls.

Aalbers claimed the program allows youth to showcase their creativity to the community while giving them a sense of accomplishment.

“I think it shows some great creativity and design work. The kids come along and some kids are very crafty and artsy, and then there’s others like me that can’t draw a very good picture at the best of times. So the perspective that the kids have an opportunity to be a part of it. I think it’ll be very impressive for them to go home and be proud of that and show off to their families and friends.”

There are two more graffiti removal projects set to take place on August 14 and 28.

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