Thursday , 29 October 2020

Lashburn receives Sask. infrastructure funding

Lashburn is one of many Saskatchewan municipalities receiving funding for local projects.

On Thursday, the Government of Saskatchewan green lit 303 projects through the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP).

The announcement brought the total projects approved to 497 with a $38 million investment so far through the province.

Town of Lashburn Mayor Steven Turnbull said the funding will be used to resurface Main Street with concrete after construction from last year.

“Last fall, we replaced a bunch of curb stops and water pipes underneath Main Street,” mentioned Turnbull.

The province has doled out over $141,000 for the project in the town with the City funding the rest.

“We budgeted to work on existing water pipes and the curb stops, because Mainstreet had to be repaved, in hopes that it would eliminate the potential for leaks when resurfaced.”

The project is expected to be finished by October 15th.

“The other portion of that, with the service roads, it runs along the south side of Lashburn, we also had a drainage issue. That is part and parcel to the project where there is going to be elevation changes at the end of Main Street to help clear some of the water.”

Turnbull said the projects have been well received by residents as the council has been trying to stay on top of issues.

“In a small town with limited budget funds, streets and roads are always a concern.”

The town started using a product called SB-90, five years ago, which Turnbull said is a less expensive alternative to pavement to harden surfaces and control dust.

“We’ve been trying to make some improvements with the budgetary amounts we have in our annual budget and try and stretch those so residents can see those improvements and hopefully improve the street quality.”

The MEEP also approved over $230,000 to the RM of Wilton for graders, the Town of Marshall for weeping tile road construction for just under $85,000, the RM of Mervin for paving the primary grid with just over $180, 000 and the Village o of Mervin got just under $23,000 for a new tractor.

Other communities received funding such as Macklin, which received $115,000 for water main line replacements, road work and sidewalk improvements and the RM of North Battleford got just over $104 thousand for a new fire hall.

The MEEP funding of $7.5 billion is a part of the province’s two-year capital plan to restart the provincial economy post-COVID-19

Saskatchewan states all money provided to municipalities must be used by March 31, 2022.




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