Tuesday , 20 October 2020
Some of the graffiti on a ramp at the Lashburn skate park (Mayor Steven Turnbull)

Lashburn council to discuss skatepark graffiti

After noticing some new graffiti in the community skate park, the Mayor of Lashburn is looking for answers on how to approach the situation.

Lashburn Mayor Steven Turnbull, said while he recognizes that graffiti is often associated with the territory, it’s considered a form of vandalism that needs to be prevented.

“It’s frustrating. Reading through the comments, I can understand that it’s just a part of the skate park culture, but vandalism can’t go unchecked,” said Turnbull.

“There has to be some respect for the community property and the overall appearance of what things look like in the Town of Lashburn.”

Turnbull claims this is the first time the skate park has been spray-painted in the three years it has been in the community.

While the graffiti had not contained any profanity, vulgar content or gang affiliations, Turnbull claimed the controversial artwork is unwelcomed.

He adds he is considering putting an art wall in place that will allow people to express their creativity in a more appropriate area.

“There was some thought about putting up an area where kids could put up that graffiti work. I know there are so many kids that use that. I get the fact that things like that happen, but in the future, I hope that people who think of doing that think twice. We were all young once, and sometimes we don’t always think things through. I just hope there is a little more respect for the equipment that we worked so hard to put things in there.”

The mayor said the town has plans to clean the graffiti off of the skate park or paint over it if it can’t be removed.

Sometime last night the skatepark was vandalized with spray paint. The RCMP have been notified! The Town Employees…

Posted by Mayor of Lashburn Steven Turnbull on Thursday, July 23, 2020

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