Thursday , 29 October 2020
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Twins baseball has a new and improved roster

With some newer and younger players, the Lloydminster Twins senior baseball team has started their season off strong.

“I’m happy to see that all of the young guys are back. We’ve even added a couple guys and most of our veteran players are back as well,” said Twins Manager and player, Steve Barbour.

The 2020 North Saskatchewan River Baseball League (NSRBL) season only consists of eight regular season games for the Twins.

Going 3 for 4 so far, the halfway mark in their season looks to be an improvement.

Last year the Twins lost out early in the playoffs, falling short on their batting, stated Barbour.

“We’re pretty happy with it so far considering how difficult it was to organize anything when nobody knew what was going on,” mentioned Barbour.

So far the Twins have scored 25 runs in their four games played, compared to the 15 runs they have allowed against them.

The team’s top three hitters have high batting averages at .429, .400, and .333.

This year, Barbour believes his team is stronger offensively, but their defence and desire is where they stand out.

“Our strength is our love of the game and our dedication to the game cause there’s a lot of really dedicated ball players on this team and they show up when times are tough and they’re practicing at every available opportunity,” said Barbour. “Where a lot of other teams lack that cohesiveness, that’s where the Twins stand out.”

Their key aspect of game play as they get closer to the playoffs is to maintain a competitive mentality throughout the game, since Barbour mentioned the team tends to fade out in the last few innings.

Playoffs for the NSRBL will begin August 8.

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