Thursday , 22 October 2020
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Startup Lloydminster offering business leadership courses

Startup Lloydminster is offering courses to help people develop the skills necessary to seek out leadership positions.

The leadership series program is usually held in person, but the upcoming fall intake will involve online programming to increase accessibility.

Tess Wack, Executive Director at Startup Lloydminster, explains the program focuses on developing personal, team and organizational leadership skills.

The program has run annually in the Border City, and Wack mentions the recent demand for the course has grown, with businesses and teams looking to develop these skills in their own companies.

“People are really finding that it’s helping them effectively lead, and develop new tools and skills. They say that it is a great opportunity for some personal and professional development,” said Wack.

She adds the involvement from leaders in the area who have experience running their own businesses is what makes the course so valuable.

“We have a couple different facilitators who work with us. We have different leaders from our region, and they have hands-on leadership experience. So they’re not only trained in leadership development, they have the experience to support that as well,” said Wack.

She says each module comes with access to a coach who will help them work through their personal experiences and concerns that they have experienced.

She states some of the education is tailored to the groups specific situations to allow for more relevant and developmental training instead of normal courses that ask you to follow a specific curriculum.

Wack says Startup Lloydminster is looking into making the program available all year round.

Startup Lloydminster is currently accepting applications for the fall intake.


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