Saturday , 24 October 2020

Fire Department getting creative to cut costs

The Lloydminster Fire Department has been building some of their own equipment to become a more efficient and effective fire team.

Certified welders in the department decided to come forward with a plan to save money.

At the beginning of January, plans were put in place to create new drying racks for both stations, said Assistant Fire Chief, Bill Heesing.

“We knew the pattern exists so we just made our own measurements and then we made it to work for us.”

Locally made drying racks.

They decided, rather than spending $5,000 on one new piece of equipment, they could build two pieces with local materials for half the price.

“It’s pretty neat when your own team can put it together and we can use vendors within Lloydminster,” said Heesing.

Building materials and fire engine red paint was sourced from local vendors.

“It’s kind of a ‘made in Lloydminster’ project which is pretty neat,” said Heesing.

Last year the crew also built a forceable entry prop for training to learn how to get into a building without actually wrecking it.

Forceable entry prop for training.

After these projects, the projected cost savings to their budget amounted to approximately $7,500.

“We’re being effective and efficient and we built it with a good cost savings. We can keep our equipment clean and dry and be ready for the next call to serve the city of Lloydminster,” said Heesing.

The Lloydminster Fire Department does plan to build more equipment in the future.

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