Wednesday , 28 October 2020
Border Rage Lacrosse team after their 14-4 exhibition win (Border Rage Lacrosse Club)

Border Rage lacrosse staying connected despite cancelled season

Despite having their 2020 season cancelled, the Border Rage Lacrosse Club is staying prepared for their next chance to get back into the arena.

Typically, a full regular season in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League runs from April through June, but their season was cancelled after only one exhibition game due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan Luedtke, President of the Border Rage Lacrosse Club, says the team is still coming together to stay connected and hold modified practices.

“Once every two weeks, for an hour to an hour and a half, the guys are able to mess around become closer as a team. We can’t shoot on a goalie, but we’re still practicing like we were during the winter, ” said Luedtke.

He adds the team has a group chat on Facebook where members are frequently staying in touch and making plans to meet up.

“Every day it’s blowing up. As president, I have to scroll way back into the conversation to see what everyones been talking about. They’re talking about apparel, talking about exhibition games, talking about practice and throwing around a ball. I think we have 30-40 guys in there.”

Although this is the team’s first year in Lloydminster, the club has been operational for nine years, spending the previous eight years running out of Vermillion before relocating.

Luedtke adds some of the players from the team have entered themselves into a 4-on-4 lacrosse tournament running out of Edmonton this year.

He says the team is still rallying around their only game of the year, a 14-4 win on the road against Saskatoon.

“The guys had a really really great time,” said Luedtke. “When they think of lacrosse, they think back to the last game we had. That night we went for a night on the town and I guess that’s what keeps the guys coming back. There’s guys that come from all over the province to play with us just for that supportive atmosphere.”

Luedtke says the team is looking forward to resuming regular practices for the 2021 season.

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