Sunday , 25 October 2020
Rescue boat. Courtesy: Lloydminster Rescue Squad gofundme.

Lloyd Rescue Squad looking to replace diving equipment

The Lloydminster Rescue Squad started a gofundme page for community members to donate money towards getting new rescue equipment.

Their current diving equipment has remained in good shape but it is not up to date with technology.

The squad has gear that is over 10 years old mentioned Ryan Leblanc, Deputy Chief.

“It’s been a busy week for Lloyd Rescue and with the new and improved equipment it helps our water teams and our search teams do their job.”

As of yesterday morning, the fundraising goal has been set to $20,000 considering the pricing of new diving tools.

“It’s not an inexpensive service that we have. It’s something that does cost quite a bit of money but I think it is a necessary service that is available to our community at any time,” said Leblanc.

To get one diver trained and set up with their own suit and gear, it costs around $8,000 – $10,000 according to Leblanc.

There are currently four divers on the team, but Lloyd Rescue is looking to continue training their current divers and they want to bring in more divers to help Lloydminster residents.

Upgrades to scuba diving equipment, dive suits, the dive computer, and the sonar on the boat will be first priority.

With their new sonar, they will be able to see better when they are under water, detect objects easier, and measure the depth of water they are in.

Since the Rescue Squad is funded 100 percent by the community, Leblanc mentions they have been very thankful for the support.

“The real heroes out there are the people that are donating and allowing us to do these kinds of services for our community.”

Fundraising efforts will continue on throughout the summer in hopes to have most of their equipment by fall.

Community members have already come together to donate $700, which is half of the amount of one new dive computer.

Donations for the Lloydminster Rescue Squad can be made on the gofundme page.

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