Thursday , 22 October 2020
The Lloydminster Cultural and Science Centre. (Lloyd Connect)

City decides to move the LCSC to a temporary space

The City of Lloydminster has decided on a temporary relocation for the Lloydminster Cultural & Sciences Centre due to the deteriorating nature of the building.

After months of conversations, City Council has decided to negotiate a 10-year lease with a facility to house and to continue LCSC services, programs, and displays.

The collection staff will use the Saskatchewan Tourism Building which will house outdoor displays.

Many community members have been vocal about building a new facility as soon as possible.

Council decided against Option C as it would cost the City around $23 million to build and operate in a 10-year term.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers said the decision would have also included a tax increase on top of the increase from the wastewater treatment plant and the new firehall.

“It would result in a 3.3 per cent increase in taxes alone just to service the debt to make the payments for the next 20 years. From that perspective, it was something that weighed on councils’ mind, and with the conversations I had with the public, people weren’t prepared to go into that point.”

Aalbers says a date for the demolition of the building has yet to be decided but there may be a celebration before the closure of the building as mentioned during city council.

“I appreciate the community and everyone in the community that commented, either during the survey, after the survey and I know I was contacted and received numerous emails and conversations on the street when the conversation arose. They shared their concerns and that they didn’t want to see less service.”

Some pieces will not be included in the move such as the Imhoff paintings, the Fuch’s display, and the OTS display.

Aalbers said the art may be auctioned-off or loaned to Lloydminster organizations.

“[Lakeland College] has expressed some interest in the Fuch’s display and [with] the OTS, we’ve been working on some arrangements with Lakeland College.”

“Because some of them were donated and the way the policy is set today, we may have to do some wordsmithing to ensure that those displays can be out in the public,” adds Aalbers.

A report found that the current building has a number of issues including a failing HVAC system and water leaks that question the safety of individuals in the facility.

“At the end of the day, I think council came to a decision that would allow for the service to continue as best as we could with the conditions we have to work with.”

With a new building not being completely off the table, Aalbers said the City would need help with funding as its currently splitting the bill for two major projects.

“People will start to have a conversation about what they want to see, and how are they going to pay for it. A lot of people would like to see something different, let’s start fundraising.”

As a request for proposal goes out to find a new space for the LCSC, a decision will eventually be presented to council at a later date.

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  1. Is there a reason the old Synergy building wouldn’t work for this?

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