Saturday , 31 October 2020

City COVID-19 impact report to be released

A report is set to be released detailing the impacts COVID-19 has had on City businesses.

Manager of Emergency Management Operations Jordan Newton informed council on June 8th that information was being collected on how the city has been affected.

The Mayor is curious as to where the City stands financially after months of inactivity within Lloydminster services such as the Servus Sports Centre.

“I hope the report brings some light to the costs that the city has incurred. We know there are costs to operate facilities. It will help highlight that to the public,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.

The report will show the consequences of the closures including incurred costs due to cancellation of programs and registration fees.

“We’ve had cost savings, we’ve had costs incurred, we’ve had redeployment in staff. There is some numbers we’d like to get.”

The incident management team will be comparing data from April 2019 to April 2020.

An interim report is planned to be presented to council in July.

Aalbers said the report will provide firm data on the effect of COVID-19 for the provincial and federal governments.

“From the governments perspective, until we could show them hard numbers, no different from the waste water treatment plant, it’s hard for them to say ‘okay, we will support you’. They need to meet budgetary requirements.”

“It provides an immediate solution to questions we know are going to come,” adds Aalbers.

Jordan Newton says a report will also be released after a full month of phase 4, as well as the end of the pandemic.

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